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 Post Conference Tour II: Anhui Line


12 August, 2023  
Delegates are suggested to travel by plane or High Speed Railway (HSR):
• Departure: Beijing Capital International Airport (BCIA)
• Arrival: Fuyang Xiguan Airport Fuyang West Station
• Duration: about 2hrs
• Departure: Beijing West Station
• Arrival: Fuyang West Station
• Duration: about 5hrs
* Guests can visit the following websites to check the flight information and book the ticket online.
• The BCIA official website: http://en.bcia.com.cn/ (English Version)
• China Railway official website: https://www.12306.cn/index/index.html (Chinese Version)
What’s more, the Organizing Committee provides air-ticket booking service for conference tour II.
If you have such need, don’t hesitate to contact with us.

After arrival at Fuyang Xiguan Airport or Fuyang West Station, guests will be picked up by buses provided by the Organizing Committee of ISC2023.
The buses will be bound for Tianzhu Haoyi Hotel, the hotel for registration and accommodation. The duration is around 50mins.


13 August, 2023

Guests will have field trips in Fuyang City for a whole day.
Guests will visit the integrated Crop-livestock system in Zhongyang Animal Husbandry Co.Ltd.. 

14-15 August, 2023 Organized field trips 
and free activities.  

16 August, 2023 Return.

• The Conference Tour II charges US$100/Person.
The price includes a whole-day field trip on 13 August, 2023 and three meals(Dinner on 12 August, 2023; Lunch and Dinner on 13 August, 2023).
• Hotel Accommodation: Guests can book local hotel accommodation, Tianzhu Haoyi Hotel, via our official registration system. The single room charges US$44/Person/Night while the twin sharing room charges US$22/Person/Night.
Note: The hotel accommodation includes daily breakfast.
Hotel Address: Intersection of Nanyang Avenue and No.328 Provincial Road, Funan, Fuyang, China. 

Fuyang City

Fuyang City, is located in the northwest of Anhui Province and the southern tip of the Huang-Huai Plain. A long history and splendid ancient civilization in this vast piece of land left an extremely rich cultural heritage, unique local characteristics and the accumulation of a colorful cultural resources. 

Scenery in Anhui Province


Cuisine in Anhui Province