Proposal for establishing the International Silage Science Society

The organisers of the International Silage Conference to be held in 2023 proposed the formation of an International Silage Science Society (ISSS). The concept was endorsed by the Continuation Group and further developed. A formal proposal to set up ISSS will be made at the forthcoming ISC.
The initial ISSS objectives are:
i. Facilitating the organization and continuation of International Silage Conferences.
ii. Establishing an effective and permanent website.
iii. Further improving the impacts of silage research and technology worldwide.
iv. Extending silage science and technology to regions of the world where it is undeveloped.
v. Consider the publication of a peer-reviewed journal concentrating on silage.
An Executive Committee will be formed with (1) a representative from each of Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Africa and Australasia (six members), (2) a representative of the organisers of each of the three directly previous ISC, the present ISC and the following ISC (five members), (3) representatives from industry (if not included in (1) and (2) (two members).
Membership and Funding
The Executive Committee will need to discuss and agree classes of membership of ISSS and funding. The initial suggestion is that all those attending an ISC automatically become members and that anyone involved in silage research and development can request to become a member.
Possible sources of funding are (1) capitation fees included in registration to attend an ISC, (2) membership fees. (3) support from sponsors.
Office Location
The Continuation Group recommend acceptance of the excellent offer from Lanzhou University to house and support the Secretariat of ISSS.
For the details please visit the link; Any comments and suggestions please feel free to contact Dr Roger Wilkins of the Continuation Group at the email address of