It is a great pleasure to announce that the XIX International Silage Conference (ISC) will be held in Beijing, China, on August 8-12, 2023. On behalf of the organizing committee, we are pleased to extend you a very warm welcome and cordially invite you to join this great event that is held in China and even in Asia for the first time since its first meeting in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1970. It, therefore, gets a lot of expectations and is a valuable opportunity to exchange and discuss the advances of basic and applied silage research with delegates from all over the world.


Silage is an arising issue on international agriculture and has been developed to a wider scope than before. Nowadays, silage is not only an important fermented feed for animals but also is an efficient way of biomass preservation for bioenergy, biorefineries, and environmentally-friendly recycling of agricultural and food industry by-products. That means we are facing even more opportunities and challenges in silage production and utilization systems. The XIX International Silage Conference (XIX ISC 2023) will continue to uphold the spirit and purpose of the previous conferences by addressing the most current research progress and trends of silage science, technology and industry from worldwide with four proposed topics, i.e., (1) silage microbiology and biochemistry, (2) silage production and intelligent agriculture, (3) silage technology and management, and (4) silage utilization and animal production. To encourage the young scientists to participate in the conference, a special event of Young Scientist Symposium will be arranged at this conference, and a financial support for those young scientists from underdeveloped regions will also be provided for application.     


The conference is expected to have nearly a thousand participants from more than 40 countries. A large number of internationally and domestically well-known manufacturers in all links of silage industry will also participate in the exchange and exhibition. Once again, we cordially invite you and your colleagues to attend the conference and to learn more about Chinese culture.


We are looking forward to meeting you and your colleagues in Beijing, China in 2023!


Sincerely yours,


Prof. Fuyu Yang & Prof. Xusheng Guo


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