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Poster presentation guidelines


Practical guidelines:

1. The maximum size of the poster is DIN A0 (84 cm wide and 119 cm high).

2. Each poster is assigned to a specific session (see poster programme or your online account) and will be presented during sessions.

3. Posters should be mounted on their specific places (see poster number in the poster programme) before the beginning of each day’s scientific programme . The posters should be removed after the end of each Conference day.

4. The organizing committee provides a paid poster printing service for poster presenters.

5. If you need any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.


General guidelines for preparing a poster:

1. The same principles of simplicity and clarity apply to both poster and slide presentations; a poster is a cross between an oral presentation and a printed paper.

2. Your story should proceed logically, with headings indicating sections: Introduction, Objective(s), Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion and Conclusions.

3.  Use photos or flow charts to help your audience better visualize the materials and methods used. Graphs should have titles, the axes should be named, and units should be quantified. Tables should also be titled.

4. Avoid excessive use of text. Conclusions should not merely be summary statements, but should provide the reader with your interpretation of what the results mean. Have colleagues review your poster and make suggestions before you produce the final copy of your poster. Proofread your poster carefully before making the final copy!